September October 2015 Fishing Report                                                                                              INSHORE

Although August was a very good month the mere mention of September and October gets me excited!  The days and nights will become somewhat cooler as both Black and Silver Mullet begin their coastal migration north along Floridas’ east coast. Historically, the arrival of migrating mullet will start during the second week of September and continue through the end of October. Local populations of snook, tarpon, trout and redfish will feed aggressively on them through the end of this run.
Expect good top water action early in the day and a good bite late in the day as well.
As far as artificial baits go I like the Zara Spook, Badonka Donk and Yozuri Hydro Pencil. They cast great and allow you to cover as much water as possible fishing along sea walls, flats and sandbars.  About an hour after daybreak we will usually switch to DOA Bait Busters which are the most tried and true finger mullet imitation ever invented. Live mullet will also take these gamefish and at times are the key to success especially fishing for tarpon in the deeper cuts and bays.
NEARSHORE                                                                                                                                           On days when the surf is calm we have opportunity to pursue tarpon along the beaches. This fishery is day to day as we only attempt this when the surf is CALM. It can be outstanding. We will normally encounter sharks, barracudas and jacks feeding with the tarpon.
Days that I’m not guiding I will be surfcasting for tarpon and sharks along our local beaches. Fall is the best! Give me a call.

Keep Casting,

Capt. Charlie Fornabio